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Being able to establish goals, improve processes, bring effective behavior, be more productive as well as decrease risks in the company is possible when getting CMMI certified in Connecticut. Unlike other standards or certifications you have known so far, CMMI is a program that focuses on the entire development and improvement of the company.


As a result, businesses are able to come up with a streamline that allows them to address needs, set goals, and bring more value based on their capability and maturity levels. In other words: everything is based on how mature the company is but also, how capable it is to handle different processes and operations.

For small, large, new, and old companies, Capability Maturity Model Integration is a great idea when you consider it. After all, you will safely boost your company’s growth to ensure you are able to move forward and stay competitive.

Who can implement CMMI?

Any company regardless of its size, type, and activities. The first version of CMMI was aimed at software development, improvement, and every section of the company that was involved with it.

However, due to how it has changed to a less specific standard and more a general one, it is possible to implement it for hardware purposes and improvement. Thanks to this, companies are able to not only achieve the previous outcomes but also measure, build, and improve their capabilities that lead to an overall performance improvement in the entire company.

Why get CMMI certified in Connecticut

The main reason: to stay competitive, bring value to the business, be more efficient, proactive, and productive. The focus of the program is truly amazing thanks to the goal of bringing an overall improvement, not a focused one in a system or section in the company.

This means that if you are looking for a method to take your company, start with the right foot or finally move out of a phase where you are stagnated, you can definitely count on it. After all, the primary goal most companies come up with when implementing and getting CMMI certified lies in continual improvement in every aspect and area.

If you want to achieve this, definitely go for it, and we still can give you a few more reasons to get CMMI certified:

  • Set process improvement goals and priorities.
  • Boost quality processes.
  • Appraising current processes.
  • Ensure goals and needs are identified.
  • Bring value to the company by boosting effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Determining the capability of the company and setting goals based on it.

And the list just continues from here.


Now, if you have made up your mind with the task, our team at IQC The ISO Pros of Connecticut is able to provide consulting, training, implementation, certification, and auditing services for this program.

We will make sure you are following all the guidelines, getting through each level, and get your certification once you’ve reached the final one—or for a specific level, you will stay for a while.

IQC The ISO Pros of Connecticut can help you implement, train on, consult, and have your company and/or organization certified on the following ISO Certifications:

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