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When you think about an ISO or standard, you don’t usually consider the idea of getting ISO 14001 certified in Connecticut, and that is understandable.

After all, implementing an ISO and getting certified takes a lot of time and resources from a company. Therefore, the goal of implementing those that look necessary and are mandatory is quite effective and the best choice when you are starting or own a company that needs more time to adjust to other ISOs.


However, certain voluntary or no mandatory standards are also relevant to boost your company, bring value, and meet other regulatory requirements that aren’t necessarily established in the document. Instead, they have established other regulatory laws and documents a company in any industry is very likely to follow and meet.

ISO 14001 is one of those standards you might not go for at the beginning, but its relevance grows due to how much you can obtain with it. The standard focuses on establishing an environmental management system in any type and size of a company in order to ensure its processes and operations and environmental-friendly.

When looking for reasons to invest in an environmental standard, we can help you to classify them as:

  • Mandatory: helps to meet a large list of environmental responsibilities and regulatory requirements from other laws and documents.
  • Improvement: despite the environmental system being the focus, you can make processes and operations more efficient and effective.
  • Value: due to the improvements in the system but also the whole company, you are able to bring more value to the business and with it, more clients and customers.
  • Contribution: besides all the direct benefits your company can get, you also get the chance to contribute to the environment, its protection, and improve processes in the meantime.

How to implement ISO 14001

Although ISO standards and their documents provide the guidelines to follow along with the requirements to meet, it is difficult to understand all their extension unless you are well-versed in them.

Our team at IQC The ISO Pros of Connecticut can offer you a wide range of services to guarantee you are able to implement the standard, get certified, but also get to know all the documents and what it is aiming for. Also, you can choose to let our team handle the entire implementation process.

When doing it, we will make sure to assess your company, determine if you’ve established an environmental management system and if you have, identify all the changes and additions that need to take place. If not, we will start from zero and harmonize your needs and goals for this system with the requirements in the document.

ISO 14001 is a standard that focuses on your processes and the establishment and maintenance of the system are aimed to influence all of them.

The reason behind this is to ensure they are optimal, won’t affect the environment, and can meet a specific standard when you are operating.

The implementation and certification will be done in no time thanks to our team at IQC The ISO Pros of Connecticut, so make sure to contact us and let us know your needs.

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