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One of the main goals of any manufacturer and company that offers products or services is getting ISO 9001 certified in Connecticut, and the main reason lies in how much value they can bring their way. First, you must know ISO 9001 is not only an international quality management system standard but also a mandatory one.

Therefore, you cannot ignore its implementation and certification if your company qualifies for it since other quality ISO standards comply with the requirements in this general and main one.


Now, since it is a plan for your business no matter how you see it, how can you get ISO 9001 in the state? Some companies decide to handle the implementation on their own since comply with the regulations and requirements in the document is needed for the certification.

However, implementation can be more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive when you are unable to understand the extent of the document and how you can adjust your needs and goals to it. This is why our team at IQC The ISO Pros of Connecticut is available to implement the standard, train you, offer advice, and even auditing services for this ISO standard.

We will start by assessing your company and determining the changes and adjustments that need to be done in case you already have a quality management system established. If not, this can speed up the process even more since all guidelines in the document provide the methods to establish, maintain, and even improve the system to guarantee high-quality products and results.

With that said, how do you know when you should start with the implementation? The truth is: the sooner, the better. As we mentioned before, if you don’t have a quality management system established, this will help to do it without many obstacles nor changes to be made.

It is ten times easier to start from zero than having to handle an already existing system. However, our experts are more than qualified for both situations and we won’t back out regardless of yours.

How ISO 9001 works

The guidelines in the document offer details about how to address the establishment of the quality management system before anything else. Now, the way it works is very extensive and quite complicated to understand unless you are already implementing it.

But despite it, ISO 9001 is about procedures but also documentation. Instead of focusing on the processes and changes that need to take place alone in order to guarantee each operation leads to the best final result, the document also makes sure you document all procedures to have control over what is being done.


This means you need to arrange documents and have a record of the steps being taken to guarantee compliance with all the requirements.

With that said, when it comes to satisfying requirements, you will find a large list of them:

  • Control of documented information.
  • Control of risks and opportunities.
  • Control of competence and awareness.
  • Control of calibrated equipment.
  • Control of design and development.
  • Control of purchasing and procurement.
  • Control of nonconformity and corrective action.
  • Control of customer satisfaction.
  • Control of internal audits.
  • Control of management reviews.

Customer satisfaction ends up being the main requirement when you are implementing the standard. Therefore, you will find yourself more familiar and related to it when trying to get certified.

We know it is a lot to handle, which is why our team at IQC The ISO Pros of Connecticut will be ready to train you to understand how ISO 9001 works in detail or implement it for you.

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